Pad Fitness


Looking for a fun way to get fit? Try our Pad Fitness program!

Want to try something different for fitness? Or just tired of the same old, boring workout routine?  Why not try PAD FIT? It’s a great way to get fit and achieve great results.

Different from the aerobic ‘Boxercise’ classes offered by most fitness centres These classes are great for burning calories and having fun doing it. Combining punching and kicking drills, circuit training and core fitness drills.It is perfect for individuals looking for a new fitness class.

If you find it hard to get motivated to get fit this is a great way to change that;

Massive results – burn fat fast! Drop a clothes size
Cardiovasular fitness
Muscle toning in all areas
Incorporate legs and works your abs too!
Fantastic stress reliever
High Intensity for Maximum fitness
Fun and Friendly atmosphere
All abilities & fitness levels welcome

If you want REAL fitness and faster weight loss, then give pad fitness classes a go! So Kick start your fitness today!

All fitness levels welcome!!

What to expect at our PAD FIT classes:

Our Pad Fit classes consist of a variety of high impact punching and kicking techniques together with circuit training and core fitness drills. Your stamina levels will increase whilst you lose weight and tone up.

What to wear:

We recommend that you wear track suit bottoms and a t-shirt, or club t-shirt and bottoms. Boxing gloves are useful to have also.

Pad Fitness Classes Telford

Membership Options:

MMA Unlimited Sessions£65
MMA 2 x sessions per week£40
Junior MMA Unlimited Sessions£45
Junior MMA 2 x sessions per week£30
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: 2 x sessions per week£65
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: 1 x session per week£35
Junior BJJ: 2 x sessions per week£46
Junior BJJ: 1 x session per week£23
Pad Fitness£20
Personal Training£30