Junior MMA


Build your child's confidence, fitness and personal safety.

Junior Mixed Martial Arts in Telford

In today’s society it is getting more and more important to be aware of possible risks to you and your safety. More importantly for children what they learn will not only help them to handle aggressive situations such as bullies or being bullied, but give them more drive to achieve what they want out of life

We have a unique junior mixed martial arts syllabus for children up to the age of 14 which pays particular attention to the needs and limitations of the physical and emotional well being of young people. The children’s junior MMA syllabus ensures healthy, safe and disciplined practice in a controlled and fun atmosphere.

The basis of our art are ‘forms’ being practiced in hard and soft styles, becoming more complex as one moves up through the grades. The ‘forms’ and techniques involve throws, so break falling in the correct manner is taught. Also blocks, strikes, punches, kicks, sweeps, locks, and submission skills are included.

Martial arts games form an important part of the children’s training programme and they are also encouraged to teach each other. We want the students to enjoy learning and also have fun as well.

The instruction is geared for all ages, for both sexes, for the timid and confident as well as the weak and strong. Martial arts is not only an excellent all round sport developing stamina, strength and suppleness but like most martial arts instills a sense of discipline, self control, mental alertness and quicker reflexes.

On top of all those benefits, which can be found in other sports, mixed martial arts also offers one other major advantage – SELF DEFENCE

For more information on our junior mixed martials arts classes in Telford, Shropshire, please call us on 07528 248 400.

What to expect at our junior MMA classes:

We teach a variety of line work punching and kicking. pads work techniques and ground fighting submission skills as well as some sparring and games because if it’s not fun, why do it!

What to wear:

At first please come in shorts and t-shirt but you will be expected to buy a white Gi after a couple of weeks as it helps to protect the child’s clothes from being pulled or ripped. We sell jiu jitsu gis in our MMA shop in a variety of sizes. Also please bring a drink.