Lack of Motivation

Lack of Motivation
We all lack motivation from time to time in different areas of our life and fitness is particularly a big one for a lot of people. I have had people comment and say they will start training once they are fit enough. Well the truth is there will always be someone fitter, faster stronger but on the other side of the coin there is always someone unfit, slower and weaker.
As people we always tend to focus on the negatives, comparing our lack of ability against someone who is more proficient at that exercise, using our own thoughts to put us second in comparison to the other guy or girl. Comparisons that can only make sense to us, like that guy knows more people therefore he must be better or that girl has all the equipment so they’re going to be better than me, but the truth is it doesn’t matter.
Everyone is in their own personal race, to be the best version of the person they can be, so comparing your failed attempt to someone victory is only a matter of practice, it’s not personal, the victor has failed more times in their goals towards victory. Once you get out of your own way and start to look at why you lack motivation, then you have taken the first steps in becoming the person with the skill set you want to be.
Motivation comes in two parts, motivation away from and motivation towards. Both are beneficial to each of us. When you are motivated away from, maybe you could be looking to improve your fitness moving away from being unfit, weak, slow. That then will have a ripple effect to change other things in your life. And the motivation towards could be once you are fitter, faster, stronger then you will create new habits in your life which ultimately brings you closer to being happy within yourself.
Martial arts isn’t for everyone, but some of the benefits helps people to become honest with who they are, pushing themselves and also being guided towards a more productive person.