Beginners Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

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MMA Beginners Class is an excellent workout and teaches the basic skills and techniques without sparring.

Beginners Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Do you want a good workout and learn the basic fighting skills?

There are 2 kinds of MMA fighter – those that train for fun and those that train as a career.  No matter what kind you class yourself as, everyone has to start somewhere.

Whether you already know that you want to be an MMA fighter or you would just like to use it as a way of keeping fit, building muscle or self-defence.

The main features of MMA are its exciting combination of striking and grappling techniques from standing or ground positions.

The potential for getting punched or hurt involved in MMA sparring is not to everyone’s liking, especially when they have limited technical knowledge and skills as they start training.  The beginners MMA class is an excellent workout and teaches the basic fundamental skills and techniques without sparring e.g. striking, takedowns, submissions, strength and conditioning.

This class is a good start to training in Mixed Martial Arts and learning the basics before advancing to sparring and advanced classes if you wish. There will be NO full contact sparring in this class.

If you would like to try Mixed Martial Arts and learn the basic skills and techniques, this is the class for you.

What to wear:

To train MMA with us, we recommend you wear shorts and a t-shirt or rash guard to start with then after a while you will also need a mouth guard, groin guard, mma gloves (or boxing gloves) and shin pads but you can borrow a pair of the club’s training gloves for your first few lessons while you decide if training MMA with us is for you. Please also bring a drink (e.g. water or a sports nutrition drink).

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Membership Options:

Monthly Membership: MMA Unlimited Sessions£55
Monthly Membership: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Unlimited Sessions£70
Monthly Membership: Junior MMA Unlimited Sessions£30
Monthly Membership: Pad Fit£15
Personal Training£30
Monthly Membership: Junior Brazilian Jiu-jitsu£46