Little Warriors

Little Warriors MMA

A fun introductory Mixed Martial Arts class for younger children

Little Warriors MMA Class

Little Warriors is our class aimed at younger children ( 4-6 years old) as an introduction to Mixed Martial Arts based largely on fun and games whilst starting your child on a path to gaining greater self confidence, discipline and personal safety skills.

For more information on our Little Warriors classes in Telford, Shropshire, please call us on 07772 386578.

What to expect at our Little Warrior classes:

We teach an introductory level of line work punching and kicking techniques and ground fighting skills mixed with fun and games.

What to wear:

At first please come in shorts and t-shirt but you will be expected to buy a white Gi after a couple of weeks as it helps to protect the child’s clothes from being pulled or ripped. We sell jiu jitsu gis in our MMA shop in a variety of sizes. Also please bring a drink.

Little Warriors MMA at Combat Athlete

Membership Options:

Monthly Membership: MMA/Grappling Unlimited Sessions£55
Pay As You Go: MMA/Grappling - 1 Class per Night£6
Pay As You Go: MMA/Grappling - 2 Classes per Night£8
Monthly Membership: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Unlimited Sessions£75
Pay As You Go: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu£10
Monthly Membership: Little Warriors£13
Pay As You Go: Little Warriors£4.50
Monthly Membership: Junior MMA Unlimited Sessions£30
Pay As You Go: Junior MMA£5
Pay As You Go: Junior Brazilian Jiu-jitsu£7
Pay As You Go: Pad Fit£5
Personal Training£30